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CHIJ Parent Support Group

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“We Serve With Faith, Hope and Love…” 

15 January 2016

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We extend our warmest WELCOME to you and your daughters/wards as we begin another meaningful year at CHIJ Secondary! Welcome to a place we call our home-away-from-home ...a place where teachers and parents and students and staff work for...always together in all our Christ-centred partnerships!

We have yet again so much to be thankful for following an astounding 2015. The Parent Support Group Exco congratulates Mrs Karen Tay and staff on an amazing past year of milestones achieved! 2016 has started considerably well with another set of stellar results from our 2015 'O' and 'N' level cohort. Well done teachers, parents and girls! 

2016 sees a new team of 12 coming together to serve on PSG@IJ Sec Exco. We are extremely privileged to introduce a very dedicated mix of IJ mums with girls from Sec 1 to Sec 5 as well as PSG Alumni mums:

* Vice Chairpersons Mrs Adrienne Lim and Mrs Juliana Tan continue to lead in our publicity and communication needs. 
* Treasury remains under the committed care of Treasurer, Mrs Carolina Tan. 
* Mrs Isabel Seow and Mrs Rachel Ong look after our meeting log needs as Secretary and Vice Secretary. 
* We are thankful to include Mrs Joanne Tia, whose daughter graduated in 2014 and who will serve her fifth year in 2016. We are grateful to also count on the continued support of Mrs Chuah Mee Wee who remains our Culinary Consultant. 
* We embrace our new 2016 members...Ms Loretta Nonis, Mrs Adrienne Wong, Mrs Angela Chong and Ms Devi Kardjaja who have stepped up enthusiastically to our call for service. 

We have an intensive line up of key events all laced with our inimitable dosage of fun and great culinary sharings, details which follow.  Most precious of all, we remain committed to serving our beloved IJ and all in her midst with strong faith, constant hope and total love....

We call upon parents and guardians who are interested in lending support to all we do by contacting any of the Exco members. Dates of all PSG events are detailed and we ask you to set aside time to partake in some. We would like you to be a part of our IJ journey.  On behalf of my team on PSG@IJ Sec Exco 2016, I wish you and yours a year of LOVE & PEACE!

Mrs Geraldine Koh
PSG@IJ Sec 2016

Key PSG Events for 2016
Friday 15 January Sec 1/8 Breakfast Meet with
Principal/HODs & Intro to PSG@IJ Sec

Friday 22 January Sec 1/1 – 1/3 Breakfast Meet with Principal/HODs & Intro to PSG@IJ Sec

Friday 29 January Sec 1/4 – 1/7 Breakfast Meet with Principal/HODs & Intro to PSG@IJ Sec

Thursday 21 & 28 January PSG Bazaar 9am -12pm

Thursday 4,11,18 & 25 February PSG Bazaar
9am -12pm

Friday 12 February PSG Valentine’s Day Fair 

Monday 15 February Total Defence Day

Friday 11 March IJ Spirit Day & IJ Fiesta

Wednesday 23 & 30 March PSG Lunch Programme

Monday 28 March Easter Monday Egg Hunt

Friday 1 April IJ Fiesta Appreciation Breakfast

Wednesday 6,13, 20 & 27 April PSG Lunch Programme

Friday 8 April PSG International Friendship Day Fair

Thursday 14 April Brownie & Pie Day #1
Tuesday 17 May Cookie & Cupcake Day #1

Friday 8 July PSG Youth Day Treat 

Wednesday 13 July PSG Racial Harmony Day Fair

Monday-Friday 25-29 July Night Study Support Programme

Monday-Thursday 1-4 August Night Study Support Programme

Thursday 4 August Brownie & Pie Day #2

Thursday-Friday 11-19 August Night Study Support Programme

Thursday 1 September PSG Teachers’ Day Appreciation Dinner 

Tuesday 13 September PSG Prayer Support (N-Level Exams)

Friday 22 September Cookie & Cupcake Day #2

Thursday 6 October PSG Supports Children’s Day@IJ Pri

Wednesday 19 October Cookie & Cupcake Day #3

Thursday 20 October PSG Prayer Support (O-Level Exams)

Friday 21 October PSG Appreciation Dinner 

Saturday 5 November  IJ Open House

Monday 21 November  Graduation Dinner

Please contact any of our Exco members
if you are able to contribute in any way to any event or if you have any enquiries.

PSG@IJ Sec EXCO 2016

Name Contact Email Address
gerry.png Mrs Geraldine Koh
9674 0204
Mrs Adrienne Lim.png Mrs Adrienne Lim
Vice Chairperson
9782 6376
Mrs Juliana Tan.png Mrs Juliana Tan
Vice Chairperson
9818 3687
Mrs Carolina Tan.png Mrs Carolina Tan
9022 4310
Mrs Isabel Seow.pngMrs Isabel Seow 
 9682 7356
Mrs Rachel Ong.png Mrs Rachel Ong 
8102 6402
Mrs Joanne Tia.png Mrs Joanne Tia
9874 2182
Mrs Chuah Mee Wee.png Mrs Chuah Mee Wee
9766 0131
Ms Loretta Nonis.png MsLoretta Nonis
Mrs Adrienne Wong.png Mrs Adrienne Wong
Mrs Angela Chong.pngMrs Angela Chong
9732 4832
Ms Devi Kardjaja.png Ms Devi Kardjaja

Valentine’s Day 
February 12  2016

Our annual kick-off to a year-long line-up of PSG events is our very special and popular Valentine’s Day. This year sees the theme “Love is the Greatest Gift” lived out in the creative input of our event heads, Rachel Ong and Adrienne Wong. Both ladies organized a wide array of available items that included balloon hearts, cuddly soft bears and rabbits with love messages, heart bookmarks, balloon heart and floral sculptures, heart keychains, heart sweet treats and the girls’ all-time favourite- cotton candy. All made possible with the generous support of our IJ parents. Parents, girls and teachers alike enjoyed the retail experience of “love items”. 

Valentines Day_2016.jpg

Total Defence Day
15 February 2016

Everyone has a part to play in Total Defence. Here in CHIJ Secondary, PSG took on the role of black marketeers – offering girls a delicious alternative to the wartime rations of sweet potatoes. Scarcity and inflated prices were the order of the day. If the girls wanted “fancy” food (other than what was offered in the canteen), they had to understand that it came with a price, especially in wartime. Many thanks to our lovely parent volunteers who graciously toiled over hot stoves to feed the hungry girls!

Total Defence Day 2016.jpg

Easter Monday Egg Hunt
28 March 2016

Easter Joy comes to CHIJ! Our very own Easter Bunny made his/her appearance on Monday 28 March sending girls into a frenzy as they clamoured for Easter eggs from the bunny. Every egg found translated into points for their respective houses. PSG was delighted to sponsor chocolate Easter eggs which were given to girls who returned the eggs they found. It was an egg-cel lent Easter Monday indeed!

Easter Monday Egg Hunt 2016.jpg

International Friendship Day Fair
8 April 2016

International Friendship Day was celebrated on Friday, 8 April. This year, the focus was ASEAN. PSG brought a taste of Indonesia to our students. Delectable Nasi Kuning and Poffertjes (Dutch mini pancakes) were an absolute hit! The girls also tried their hand at a lucky dip – by answering a randomly drawn question and stood to win cute mementoes from Indonesia. Truly, it was a day to remember!

IFD 2016.jpg

PSG Youth Day Treat
8 July 2016

Sugar and spice and everything nice. That's what IJ girls are made of! What better way to celebrate the sweetness of youth than free cotton candy and popcorn! 

PSG YDT 2016.jpg

Racial Harmony Day
 13 July 2016

Rendang, tea eggs, Ayam sio, pai tee, kueh salat.... The list goes on! Racial Harmony was truly a party for the palate as girls and staff sampled a wide selection of delicacies from each ethnic group. This was only possible from our generous parents who contributed the dishes. Not forgetting our fabulous PVs who manned each stall! 

RHD 2016_2.jpg