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As a Catholic Autonomous School and the oldest CHIJ in the IJ family, we believe in nurturing IJ girls who live out the school motto “Simple In Virtue, Steadfast in Duty” through our IJ Education & Experience Curriculum. A choice school, CHIJ Secondary is progressive in its approach whilst remaining steeped in tradition.

CHIJ is one of a few choice schools to offer the Art Elective Programme (AEP), to enable students to realize their creative talents, develop their artistic vision and train their perseverance. We are one of a select group of schools offering Drama as a GCE O-Level subject. All lower secondary students experience our in-house drama programme to enable them to work in a disciplined and collaborative way towards a shared goal, to understand the personal, social and cultural impact of drama. A comprehensive array of Enrichment Programmes offered to all students seeks to broaden their out-of-classroom learning experience.

The school provides a holistic IJ Education Experience, where our academic and affective programmes focus on the 3Ls of Learning, Living and Leading, to help nurture our students as Women of Distinction. This is most succinctly articulated as our Outcomes of an IJ Girl, where an IJ Girl is a Thinker, Leader and Communicator, who is confident with humility, principled with compassion and cultured with grace.

School Features and Achievements

As the South 3 Cluster Centre of Excellence for Language and the Arts, CHIJ has nurtured many strong performing arts groups: the Concert Band, Choir, Guitar Ensemble, Dance Ensemble, ELDDS and CLDDS. The school’s English Language and Literature programme has also remained steadfastly robust over the generations.

Our signature IJ Goes Global Programme aims to equip IJ students with a more global perspective. The Programme includes Immersion and Twinning Programmes with overseas schools and the IJ Beacon Programme which focuses on serving the disadvantaged in neighbouring countries.

At CHIJ Secondary, we believe in nurturing the potential of every girl, by recognizing that they are unique and precious. As such, we believe in the customization of programmes, at the academic and affective levels, to help nurture our IJ Girls. (Read more at Affective Programmes)


The Mission of an Infant Jesus Convent is the creation of a Christ-centred school community where all work together for the promotion of truth, justice, freedom and love, with special reference to the needs of the persons who are disadvantaged in any way.



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