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It is the school policy that financial assistance will be given to girls who cannot afford their fees. The financial assistance schemes does not only come from the school but from external bodies as well.

Ministry of Education Financial Assistance Scheme
This scheme is administered by the MOE at the beginning of the academic year. Once awarded, the subsidy continues for four years. Students may apply at any level of their secondary school career. The school will award different amounts of financial assistance depending on the financial circumstances of the applicant.

GCE O-Level Examination Fee Subsidy Scheme
This subsidy helps students to pay their examination fees due to financial constraints and hardship cases.

Free Textbook Scheme
This scheme helps students with financial constraints to purchase textbooks.

Bursaries and other Financial Assistance Schemes
Details of these schemes will be made known to the students when available from the organisation / agency

School Based Scholarships and Bursaries
The Koh Choon Joo Scholarship for CHIJ Secondary students.

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