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School Badge

The School Crest is one is shared by our schools all over the world.
In the centre of the Crest lies a red shield with a silver band edged in gold.

The shield, surmounted by a gold Cross,
is encircled by a garland of white marguerites.
The garland of marguerites speaks of simplicity, a charming trail of girlhood .

On the right lies a Gospel with a silver rosary.
The Gospel is a light to life and its mysteries.
The rosary is the Gospel in miniature seen
through the eyes of Mary, the Mother of Jesus.

On the left are a golden distaff and spindle,
symbols of womanly labour.

Emblazened on the Crest is our motto:
“Simple in Virtue, Steadfast in Duty”

Virtue is a personal possession; no one can take it away from you against your will. An upright virtue goes out to one’s neighbour with spontaneous warmth. It judges oneself with humble honesty and it goes straight to God with childlike confidence.

“Steadfast in Duty” speaks for itself. Perseverance in what is one’s assigned vocation is not always easy but it yields that inner peace and freedom which no money can buy.