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Code of Conduct

As an IJ student, I will conduct myself in a spirit of self-respect and responsibility and will have warm consideration for others at all times.


We have the right to an environment that is conducive for teaching and learning
  • I will
    • Stay in the canteen/ library/ open areas away from the classrooms during recess so as not to disrupt lessons in other classes.
    • Care for the school environment by not littering, eating only in the canteen, keeping the canteen clean, not vandalizing school property, etc.
    • Respect my friends’ time by being punctual for all school activities
    • Respect the effort that has been put in by others by being present for all school events unless permission has been sought and·granted for my absence
    • Contribute to class activities by being attentive and engaged
    • Take pride in and be responsible for all work assigned to me
    • Not bring anything into the school that would disrupt teaching and learning, e.g. cameras, computer games, playing cards, undesirable reading materials, etc
    • Keep my handphone, discman, iPod, Mp3 player switched off and in the locker at all times until I leave the school premises

I am responsible for my thoughts, words and deeds, because they empower me to improve any situation
  • I will
    • Be polite and respectful of others at all times
    • Demonstrate integrity and responsibility in my words and deeds
    • First reflect on the impact of my words and actions, so that they benefit others and myself

I will treat myself and others with respect and dignity, because we are all unique and have a special place in this community
  • I will
    • Respect differences and be inclusive rather than exclusive in my relationship with others
    • Help those who are weak
    • Treat myself with love and respect, and not possess and/or consume alcohol, cigarettes and drugs, or engage in any activity that will hurt me and those around me
    • Take personal interest and pride in my appearance and maintain·simplicity and·modesty by ensuring that: 
      • all accessories worn are single-coloured·[white, dark blue or black]
      • the one pair of earrings worn are studded [ ≤ 3mm], silver, gold, white, dark blue, or black, and worn on the ear lobe [at the lowest point]
      • contact lenses are colourless
      • my hair is worn neatly at all times, and not tinted, dyed or gelled/waxed
      • the length of my hair, if touching the shoulder, must be tied up
      • no nose studs and other body studs/rings are worn
      • only one religious pendant is worn, the chain should not be visible
      • the school badge is worn at all times
      • my uniform must be worn down to my knees, is neat at all times·and will not be·modified in any way [refer to the Diagram on Attire·and Appearance in the School diary]
      • fingernails must be short and not painted
      • only clean white track shoes are worn [only the logo can be coloured]
      • white school socks are worn
      • only school or CCA jackets are worn
      • all brassieres worn must be white, beige or light grey and·not visible through and beyond the uniform or PE attire
    • Wear the school uniform whenever I enter/leave the school·premises, even during the school vacations

I will honour the name of CHIJ and uphold its values, because I belong to the IJ family and am part of its history and traditions
  • I will
    • Uphold the laws of the nation of which IJ is an integral part
    • Uphold the good name of the school by ensuring that I am at my best behaviour at·all times
    • Show due respect to the state and school flag
    • Take pride in the country and school by singing the National·Anthem and school·song and reciting the Pledge with the right fist·placed over the heart
    • Abide by the above rules of the school