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Values in Action (VIA)

Values in Action (VIA) in CHIJ Secondary ensures that every student participates actively and meaningfully in contributing to the community. Values-centric activities and programmes allow our students to espouse the CHIJ Secondary values of compassion, humility, integrity, perseverance and faith and to apply their knowledge and skills learnt during formal and non-formal curriculum during their outreach. Lastly, students will undergo a systematic reflection which grooms the students to be inwardly reflective and this bedrock of values and skills manifests itself outwardly.

Every year, each student will be required to complete a mandatory Level VIA of 6 hours and CCA VIA of 4 hours which will help to contribute to a minimum of 40 – 50 hours at the end of their 4/5 years in CHIJ Secondary. Students are also encouraged to participate in student-initiated VIA activities outside the school as well as to form groups of 4 -6 members within the level to initiate and lead Service Learning Projects within the school or for the community.




Values that are displayed during VIA experiences 

Skills that are displayed during VIA experiences


Organisation SkillsPlanning, budgeting and logistics planning
Leadership Skills Setting directions, motivating team members, solving problems and making decisions
Communication SkillsHandling cultural sensitive, listening with empathy and giving the right verbal and non-verbal cues
Practical SkillsTechniques of looking after the elderly and disabled, library skills and landscaping/gardening skills

CHIJ Developmental Level VIA for 2015

Level Core VIA Experience Your role Dates
Sec 1 My School & Community, A Litter-Free Environment. Advocacy 21 May & 21 October
Sec 2 Recycling Outreach Project Advocacy & Research 27 May
Sec 3 Caring for the disadvantaged & needy
IJHCC Flag Day
Indirect Service &
Direct Service
22, 25 or 27 May
23 May
Sec 4 Befriending and Caring for Elderly  Direct Service 9, 11 or 13 Feb
Sec 5 Befriending and Caring for Special Needs Direct Service 4 or 9 March

Accolades in Service Learning

CHIJ Secondary Service Learning Club (SLC) was formed in 2012 to provide our students with opportunities to lead their peers in projects in collaboration with other organisations to serve our community. Apart from their outreach, the undertaking of the projects has contributed largely to our students’ personal development especially in inculcating the CHIJ Values and honing the leadership skills in our students and finally developing them to be Women of Distinction.

In 2014, the club was recognised at the PAYM SLC Project Accolade which profiles outstanding SLC Projects which have meaningfully integrated learning with service to the community. Two projects, namely “Take A Look At The World Through My Eyes” and “Family Fun @ Lorong One” have been awarded Gold and Silver respectively.


BYOC 2015

This year, the school relaunched Bring Your Own Containers (BYOC) with a difference. Each student was given an IJ container and "No plastic day" was changed from a termly to a daily practice with the support of our school's canteen vendors. 

Gotcha Going Green

To encourage our students to bring their food containers for recess and to minimise plastic waste, the VIA committee teachers embarked on a Gotcha journey to catch our students in acts of being environmentally friendly. This includes depositing ring tabs, plastic bottles and waste paper at the appropriate recycling bins.

We would like to applaud the following students for their green acts towards a more sustainable future. We hope to encourage more students and staff to be part of this initiative.

Sec 4 Level VIA Experience 2015



Our Students’ Reflection

 “I learnt to be more patient towards the elderly and that I should respect the elderly more.” 
– Aris Peh Sec 4/11 

“We must learn to appreciate what we have and value our loved ones.” 
- Dion Loh Sec 4/6 

“I liked how the elderly were very friendly and responsive that they have made my experience more enjoyable and I was happy to spend time with them.”
– Sarah Fok Sec 4/2 

In terms of engaging the elderly in conversation, “I should persevere and never give up on anything no matter how hard the challenge is.” 
– Juliette Lo Sec 4/11 

 “My classroom and VIA experiences have taught me moral values like compassion, good manners and effective communication skills. “
 –Erica Lim Sec 4/6 

“The VIA experience made me respect and value the elderly more.”
 – Carmen Claudia Sec 4/2 

“We need to be thankful to the people around us and to serve the community selflessly.” 
–Huang Chuqiao Sec 4/2 

“It taught me to be a person who pays more attention to the needs of others rather than myself.” 
–Rachel Ng Sec 4/4 

“Take the initiative and have patience to speak and listen to them sincerely.” 
– Tan Xin Ya Sec 4/4 

Teachers in-charge

Mrs Michelle Yeo (Subject Head / Values in Action)
Ms Ain
Mrs Audrey Teng
Ms Bernice Loon
Mr Brian Ho
Ms Cao Qi 
Mr Chew Hwa Soon
Mr Joseph Ng
Ms Mastura
Mrs Seah Tay 
Ms Santhi
Mr Sunny Ng

For any enquiries, please email Mrs Michelle Yeo at