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Hong Kong

Hong Kong Twinning Program 2016

Day 1 (22 Oct Sat): From Phoebe Seow

"Hong Kong is a really nice place to be in. It is quite like Singapore but it's different at the same time. I have learnt that there are different types of housing in Hong Kong. Today, I went to Sharp island, element cave and half moon bay and I saw many different rock structures. I have never seen rock structures and mountains in Singapore. I have enjoyed myself today."

Day 2 (23 Oct Sun): From Student Nicole Lee

"On our 2nd day in Hong Kong, the four of us decided to go to Ocean Park together with our Hong Kong buddies. We had a lot of fun as we took rides that is not found in Singapore. Even though I had been to Ocean Park, it was a different experience for me as today I am with my friends instead of family. While queuing up for rides, we managed to bond with our buddies."

Day 3 (24 Oct Mon): From Jannelle Shannon Singh

"Today was our third day in Hong Kong which was our first day at St. Paul's Co-Educational College. Going to a mixed-gender school for the first time was a new experience for me. Today we also had a Geography outing to a beach known as Shek O. The view was really beautiful. The outing was really fun but very tiring. We had to climb up a hill just to get to a site to complete a worksheet. At night, I also went to a well-known night market called Temple Street. It is one of the busiest flea markets at night. The shops were similar to Singapore's "Pasar Malam ". Overall, today has been a very tiring but exciting and fun day."

Day 4 (25 Oct Tue): From Rachel Sim

Today we went to the Lung Fu Shan Nature Tour at the University of Hong Kong to learn about the wildlife and the history of Hong Kong. While climbing up the steep slopes of the mountain, we also enjoyed the scenery and the breeze. We encountered many wildlife that could only be found in Hong Kong. It took us 2 hours to climb the mountain. From the peak of the mountain, we has a bird’s eye view of the city and we were able to see the tallest building in Hong Kong. The take way from this hike is perseverance and teamwork. Although we were all exhausted, we encouraged each other to push on and not to give up. Even though it has only been 4 days in Hong Kong, I really enjoy the food, such as curry fish balls and the Lao Po Bing (winter melon wife cake).