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CoE for Language & Arts

CHIJ Secondary was awarded South Zone Centre of Excellence for Language and the Arts in 2007

Unveiling The CHIJ Centre of Excellence for Language & The Arts

"Nurturing creative talent devoted to the pursuit and appreciation of literary and artistic finesse" 

Hailing from a timeless tradition of a fine appreciation of language and the arts, the CHIJ Centre of Excellence (CoE) for Language and The Arts was unveiled, in conjunction with the Grand Opening of the new school premises, on 18 August 2007 

The vibrant red in the centre of the CoE logo exudes the passion and enthusiasm the school has for the dynamic expressions of language and the arts in various forms. 

The artistic representation of the eye and mask conveys the discipline of visual arts which demands a keen eye and awareness of the world around us. 

The quill represents the school’s emphasis on nurturing global thinkers and writers, providing insight and exposure to the myriad cultures around the world. 

The graceful dancer, expressed with a treble clef, shows the harmonious integration of the various performing arts of the school. Attired in school colours, the dancer in flight encapsulates the dynamic and holistic development of the IJ girl. 


As the CoE for the Language and the Arts in the South Zone, CHIJ Sec aims to to achieve the following objectives:

To enhance innovativeness and professional development among its teachers of English Language, Literature,
        Drama and Visual Arts through collaborations with the various units in AST such as ELIS and STAR.

To enhance innovativeness and professional development among the teachers of English Language, Literature,
        Drama and Visual Arts  in the South Zone through organising workshop and sharing sessions.

To provide opportunities for teachers to share their best practices at workshops and symposiums.

To foster collaborations among teachers of English Language, Literature, Drama and Visual Arts in order to
        devise lessons that show connectedness in these subjects.

As a CoE, CHIJ Secondary looks at various opportunities to bring Language and the Arts to the forefront for the students in the school. Thus, IJ FLAIR –Festival of the Language and the Arts In Rhythm- was introduced in 2014 to show the students the rich culture of Language and the Arts in CHIJ. IJ FLAIR had activities such as Arts Exhibition, Speakers’ Corner, Choosing a Social Cause, Face-painting, Manga drawing, Arts afternoon, Poetry competition amongst other activities.  This was to ensure that all CHIJ girls learnt to appreciate Language and the Arts and recognise its importance in the IJ identity.

At the teachers’ front, CHIJ organises its annual Celebrate Learning @IJ event where teachers come together from the cluster/zone to share best practices.  In 2014, CHIJ teachers conducted 5 workshops in the area of English Language, Literature and the Visual Arts with the teachers from the South Zone.  In 2015, the CoE, in recognition of 30 years of being an AEP school, is organising an Art  Exhibition in October. The CoE will also be organising its very first English Language and Literature Symposium in November 2015.

Recognising Language and the Arts as part of our IJ identity, the CoE aims to ensure that students are exposed to various art forms; teachers are always taking the lead in these areas with innovative practices; and as a CoE, events are organised where this professional development and growth can be shared with schools in the south zone. As a CoE, we hope to build a culture of sharing and encourage synergy among teachers.