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Mr Balbinder Singh | Mr David Lau | Mrs Tan-Chua Yan Ping | Ms Teo Peng Suan | Mr Daryl Chan | Mr Harry Goh

The PE-CCA Programme

Our PE Programme has the important objectives of:

  • Giving students a holistic understanding of sports through a theoretical approach, e.g. sports science incorporation, role of sports in society, fair play, etc. 
  • Teaching various sports and games through the games concepts approach. 
  • Imbuing positive character traits, such as leadership and perseverance. 

All games taught in the PE syllabus are introduced via the Games Concept Approach (GCA). The main aim of this concept is to allow students to understand the concepts behind the games, rather than the mere rote learning of the game-specific skills, without knowing how to incorporate them in the game situation.

In addition to the PE Programme, the Co-Curricular Activity Programme aims to further build upon the girls’ holistic development, through the exciting Sports, Uniformed Groups, Performing Arts and Clubs & Societies CCA’s. The Programme hopes to provide opportunities for all girls to explore their interests and maximize their potential to the fullest, outside of the classroom.

PE Evaluation @ CHIJ

The PE Evaluation @ CHIJ programme aims to provide students with an indication of their progress in various Physical Education and Health –related competencies, including, but not limited to, knowledge of health- and fitness-related issues, management of one's Body Mass Index and games-related skills and knowledge.

The sports-related competencies that the students will be evaluated on will be based on the three main Games Categories of Invasion/Territorial Games, Net/Wall Games and Striking/Fielding Games.