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Mother Tongue


First Row (Left to Right):

Ms Cheryl Lai | Mrs Paulin Theboral Solomoncharles | Mrs Shirley Yeung | Mr Nahri Hizal Haji Ismail | Mr Ramar Veerapathra Pillai 

Last Row (Left to Right):
Ms Mastura Senin | Ms Joanne Tan | Mrs Chua Ai Wee | Ms Lim Fang Teng | Ms Tan Poh Yoke | Mr Chew Hwa Soon | Mdm Zhang Shujuan | Mdm Chen Jiehui | Mdm lay Woon Ting | Ms Hao Rui 

Over the years, the Mother Tongue Department has continuously strived to raise the standard of Mother Tongue and Higher Mother Tongue in the school through different strategies. These strategies are aimed at achieving the department’s goals.

This year, the department’s focus is on the following:
  • To develop an in-depth understanding of one’s own culture and cultivate an awareness of the different cultures in Singapore.
  • To sustain IJ’s lead in achieving value added performance at the GCE O level exams for Express and Normal Academic streams