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Design & Technology

Design and Technology is part of a holistic broad-based education. It is a compulsory project-based subject in the lower secondary school curriculum. Design and Technology anchors on design action and application of knowledge and design process.

The lower secondary Design and Technology syllabus aims to enable pupils to:

>  develop an awareness of design in the made-world;

>  develop an appreciation of function, aesthetics and technology in design;

>  develop basic design thinking and communication skills;

>  experience the process of realising design through making and

>  think creatively to become autonomous decision makers.

Pupils are engaged in design-and-make activities. Designs are adapted to their abilities, interest and design context. Pupils will then make use of wood and plastics to make the products that they have designed and apply skills such as sawing, filing, drilling, polishing, bending and joining.

The syllabus for lower secondary pupils has been revised to incorporate Interior Design with the Product Design syllabus. 

In Product Design, all pupils are taught the design process and they use the design process to design and make products.

They are also taught theory on processes, such as sawing, filing, drilling, surface finishing and joining.

Secondary 2 Express pupils are taught Isometric Drawing to enable them to be able to sketch 3-dimensional design ideas.

Secondary 2 Normal Academic pupils are taught Oblique Drawing to enable them to be able to sketch 3-dimensional design ideas.


In Interior Design, pupils learnt the basic theory such as, Materials, Lighting, Colour, Furniture, Accessories used in Interior Design.

Secondary 1 pupils are taught to design rooms using Goggle Sketch-up.

Secondary 2 pupils designed and made scale-down cardboard models of rooms.

Secondary One

Product Design – Secondary 1E pupils designed and made Wooden Torchlight Keychains




Product Design – Secondary 1NA pupils designed and made Wooden Keychains




Interior Design –  Secondary 1 pupils designed their own bedrooms with the Goggle Sketch-up.



Secondary Two 

Product Design – Secondary 2E pupils designed and made Wooden and Acrylic products.





Product Design – Secondary 2 NA pupils designed and made Acrylic Clocks




Interior Design – Secondary 2E and 2 NA pupils designed and made cardboard models of rooms with allocated Interior Design Styles.