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Art Elective Programme (AEP)


Art Elective Programme (AEP)

The Art Elective Programme was set up in 1984, and is offered at selected secondary schools and junior colleges. The AEP provides an enriched environment for students to realize their creative talent & develop their artistic vision.

The following schools offer AEP in Singapore:
CHIJ Secondary Bukit Panjang Government High School
Nanyang Girls’ High School Victoria School
Zhonghua Secondary School Hwa Chong Institution (High School & College)
National Junior College Nanyang Junior College

AEP @ CHIJ Secondary

AEP at CHIJ provides an in depth knowledge of art materials, processes, & their use, as well as a comprehensive look at art history and contemporary art. The art making process at CHIJ is designed to stimulate & develop students’ creativity & creative problem solving skills. In CHIJ’s AEP programme, the study of art extends beyond the learning of artistic skills and techniques. It is a journey that will expand the way students think, fire their imagination and transform their impressions of themselves and the world.


Apart from being staffed by a group of highly qualified, dynamic & dedicated art teachers, CHIJ AEP enjoys special funding and studio facilities . There is a printmaking studio, a darkroom for photography, iMac Studios for design and media based work, art studios for 2D and 3D art practices of drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, and installation at CHIJ.


CHIJ tailors its AEP curriculum to meet the needs of its students. Students can look forward to workshops, camps & overseas trips that enhance their learning and overall development . In order to encourage a healthy exchange of ideas, there are opportunities for AEP students from CHIJ to meet with students from other AEP centres at customized workshops, internship programmes, & community projects. CHIJ also presents students with many opportunities to showcase their works at exhibitions both in school and at public venues.

Taking Higher Art at O-levels

AEP classes develop the skills that students need to achieve success on their O level examinations, with a component in Higher Art. The grade obtained for Higher Art can be used in lieu of a pure humanities subject for admission into Junior Colleges. The O level examination with a Higher Art component consists of coursework , a visual arts task (VAT), and the choice of either a drawing and painting paper or an examination on the study of visual arts (SOVA) during Secondary 4. While a demanding course, it is extremely beneficial as it teaches students about process and seeing goals through to the end and students learn about time management and organizational skills . At junior college, AEP prepares students to offer A Level H2 and H3 Art.

Admission to the CHIJ AEP Programme

Secondary 1 students who are already enrolled at CHIJ Secondary will be given the opportunity to take the AEP Selection Test. Admission is based on the student’s artistic abilities, as well as academic qualifications. 
Frequently Asked Questions

When are AEP lessons held?

In CHIJ, AEP lessons are held once a week, after school on designated days; however, students are expected to remain back at least one more day a week to work on assignments in the art room in order to receive feedback from teachers and peers.

What if there are clashes between AEP and CCA commitments?

Students taking AEP are strongly encouraged to select a CCA that does not clash with their AEP commitments. Students are recommended to enroll in an Arts based CCA that will never clash with AEP classes. This is a natural choice for AEP students, as it furthers their exposure to the Arts & the art community in a more liberal setting.

Can student drop AEP?

Students are strongly encouraged not to drop the subject. The AEP is Ministry-run programme under the purview of the Curriculum Planning & Development Division any request for withdrawal is subject to approval from MOE on a case-by-case basis.

Can students enroll for AEP after secondary 1?

Yes, if students intend to take AEP at Sec 3 and 4, they need to first be recommended by their art teachers and they then need to pass a selection test. Recommendations are based upon their aptitude in the General Art Programme .

For more information on the AEP, please visit the MOE Elective Programmes Webpage: