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Student Activities

Co-curricular Activities (CCAs) 

Co-curricular Activities (CCAs) are compulsory for every student. It is important for the following reasons:

  • Develop character – by emphasizing the importance of teamwork, discipline and commitment to excellence.
  • Instil core values – like respect for others, honesty and integrity.
  • Imbue in members – an entrepreneurial spirit, a risk taking attitude and an appreciation for the aesthetics.
  • Provide an avenue for students to learn and hone new skills and provide opportunities for the pursuit of excellence.

The CCA framework in CHIJ provides students with a wide array of 28 CCAs from 4 categories; namely the Sports & Games, Performing Groups, Clubs & Societies and Uniformed Groups. Over the years, the school has performed well in Netball, Sailing, Tenpin Bowling, Tennis, Choir, Band, Chess, Robotics (ARC), Girl Guides and Red Cross to name a few. Our IJ niche: Netball, Tennis, 10-pin bowling, Rhythemic Gymnastics. 

Each student is encouraged to have one core CCA and maintain it for an entire year before any CCA points are assigned. 

Sports & Games 

All sports & games CCAs maintain competitive squads that participate in the National Inter-School Competitions. Talent identification trials are conducted in Secondary 1 to identify girls with the necessary physical attributes and psychomotor skills to excel in the school’s niche sports. In addition, each CCA also conduct open selection trials for all students who have an interest in a sport or game. 

Clubs & Societies 

All Clubs & Societies participate in the Inter-School competitions. The CCAs aim to equip the firls with a wide variety of skills and, for the language related CCAs, expose members to the respective cultures. 

Performing Groups 

The aim of all performing groups is to provide an avenue to enrich the members aesthetically. The CCAs participate in the Singapore Youth Festival on alternate years and perform in school and public concerts in the course of their four or five years in the CCA. 

Uniformed Groups 

Membership in the Uniformed Groups is for a term of 4 (Express) or 5 (Normal Academic) years. The Uniformed Group programme provides members with numerous opportunities to develop and hone their leadership skills, represent the school in Inter-School competitions and important events like the National Day Parade and SYF. 

CCA Allocation 

All Secondary Ones will be allocated to a CCA of their choice. Allocation will be based on students' first 3 option. Following the registration excercise, students will be trailed or auditioned by the respective CCAs and reallocated CCAs if necessary. 

In subsequent years, CCA changes may only be made at the beginning of each academic year, subject to the approval of the teacher in charge of the CCA involved and HOD PE /CCA.