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Chinese LDDS

Club/Recreational Team School Team
Teacher-in-Charge Ms Hao Rui (ic) and Ms Cherly Lai
Training Days/Time Monday & Wednesday 3 pm – 6 pm
(Nearer Competition dates, training will be more than 2 times per week)
Venue CHIJ Secondary- éStudio, Bentinck

CHIJ CLDDS engages itself enthusiastically in affluent Chinese culture, ranging from Chinese calligraphy writing and mandarin story telling to dumpling making and Chinese tea brewing.

With our dedicated CCA teachers and our committed coaches - Mr Peng Ka Da and Mr Cao Qun, club members enjoy training sessions every week. During the competition period, participating members train up to three times per week. Following our participation in inter-school tournaments, CLDDS has successfully secured itself in the top 3 positions in recitals and cross-talk competitions. This is only possible with the great effort put in by devoted members who uphold the IJ core value of perseverance.

CLDDS also hosts an array of events such as our IJ Superstar, Chinese New Year and Mid-autumn Festival celebrations. 2007 will be another fruitful year of fun-filled activities worth looking forward to.

If you have an insatiable thirst for vast Chinese culture and history, don’t hesitate to join CLDDS! Hope to see you soon!

CLDDS. A small but bonded and determined team of girls with a passion for performance. This is what I have seen and felt in this CCA for the past 3 years. On the day I joined CLDDS, I was blown away by the dedication given during training sessions. When I was a junior in CLDDS, the members were focused, alert and always stayed on task during every single rehearsal. I know this standard was acquired because of the excellent leaders we had in CLDDS and I truly admired their leadership skills.

Hence, I said to myself that if I were to become a leader of CLDDS, I would definitely want to be just like them and uphold the excellent standards and discipline.

Lo and behold, I eventually became the Chairperson of CLDDS. I was determined to bring our CCA to reach greater heights. I constantly reminded myself that we had to uphold the values that were passed down from our seniors and stay true to them. Initially, it was hard to ensure that things were running smoothly but the CLDDS members and I worked through it together as one bonded family.

We took part in a series of SYF performances and a range of showcases. This not only helped us to demonstrate the ability of our CCA, but also allowed us to always push ourselves further so that we could always be strong and steady. Through all these competitions, I have learnt what perseverance and being able to think on our feet mean when unexpected problems arose.

I will bring the lessons and values that I have learnt with me, wherever I go.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my beloved CCA teachers and members for giving me this opportunity to lead the CCA. Our teachers have indeed provided us with a lot of crucial support and guidance, without which, it would have been an upscale task to manage the CCA. The countless hours spent supporting and motivating us were indeed beneficial. Now, I have stepped down from my leadership position in the CCA. I will really miss the times spent with my CCA peers. I hope that they will be as lovely as can be and best wishes for the future competitions and may their journey be as fruitful as ours!

Thank You,
Kua Kai Tan