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Debating and Oratory Society

Teacher-in-Charge Ms Claudia Ng (ic), Mr Tristan Fernandez(2ic) and Ms Eulalia Han
Training Days/Time Training Days:
Tuesday (4:30 pm - 6:30 pm )
Friday (3:00 pm - 5:00 pm)
Venue CHIJ Secondary - Computer Lab 3

Debating and Oratory Society

The CHIJ Debating and Oratory Society is a DIV I debating society,  that enjoys a long  history of producing well-spoken, tenacious debaters. We strive to provide every student with the opportunity to develop the skill of debating through training and actual debating. Our debaters enjoy many opportunities to pit their their skills against like-minded peers. We participate in a myriad of debate spars ranging from friendly debates, to debate invitationals, to The Singapore Secondary Debating Championships (SSDC) organised yearly by Julia Gabriel. 

The process of debate allows students to analyse the similarities and differences between  viewpoints, so that the audience can understand where opinions diverge and why.  Debate is also an excellent way to model the analytical and communicative processes that  students are learning through the material presented to them in the classroom through oral or written form.  We hope that  debates will challenge students to think critically, and will provide a forum for them to develop the art of expression that allow them to communicate their ideas.

"I notice that I'm better able to construct an argument." - Petrina Tan, 4E4.

"Debating has helped me to be able to look at isues from multiple perspectives." - Simren Kaur, 4E3.

"I sincerely believe that debating is a deeply useful, if not, essential ability, not only for the skills of objectivity and critical analysis it provides, but also for the self-belief it nurtures." - Katie Kwang, 4E3 2014.

Competitions/ Awards (2014)

Raffles Debate Academy Under-14 Debating Championships 2014
MGS Youth Under-14s Debate Challenge Shield 2014
SRC-DA(S) International Humanitarian Law Debate Championships 2014
 Temasek JC Under-16 Invitational Debates - 2nd position overall 

Speaker Overall Speaker Ranking
 Katie Kwang, 4E3  1 st
Yap Xin Ran, 4E2 5 th
Cha Seung Hyun, 4E5 8 th