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Arts Alive!

Teacher-in-Charge Mrs Yeoh Ting Ting (ic), Ms Kong Meising (2ic), Mrs Miranda Jayakumar (advisor)
Training Days/Time Monday, 3.00 - 6.00 pm
Venue CHIJ Secondary, Studio 1 (2nd storey), St. Michael Block

Arts Alive_15.jpg

Bringing the Arts ALIVE! where our members are the Arts Ambassadors of the school. They support and promote a changing context experience in the performing & visual arts within and beyond the IJ environment.

Through a 4 year integrated arts experience of the four disciplines of arts education; dance, drama, music and visual arts, our members will be equipped with enterprise, citizenship, personal & life skill. Arts Alive! is a time when students can express, explore and evaluate each arts form through different materials, issues and methodologies.

In addition, it is essential for our members to be culturally aware of the vibrant arts scene in and around Singapore through various experiences such as visits to art museums and galleries, talks by local artists, collaboration with local arts groups and the viewing of productions and performances.

We look for commitment in our members who are willing to use Arts Alive! as an outlet for sharing their artistic expressions in Art Leadership/Membership, Art Work, Art Travel, Arts Management, Art Competition & Art Job. Arts Alive! provides artistic opportunities beyond the walls of the classroom. It also will provide an opportunity for exposure and engagement in the performing & visual arts for students that cannot fit arts into their busy schedules.