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Other Competitions

VOX! stands for Visual, Originality and X-factor. These are the qualities of a multimedia journalist in the new media age.

Participating students will get to:

  • Acquire basic journalism skills, and understand the key characteristics of print and online media;
  • Learn useful filming, editing and voice skills;
  • Experience how a newscaster deliver a news broadcast;
  • Do their own voice recording in the studio;
  • Engage in a dialogue with experienced newscaster and journalists;
  • Produce their own news vodcasts, which will be showcased on

VOX 2014 最佳剪辑奖:圣婴女子中学(大巴窑)

VOX 2013

VOX 2013 最佳撰稿奖:圣婴女子中学(大巴窑)

Competition Results
Shell S'pore Youth Sc Fair 2010 Group 1
1. Silver Award (Lower Sec category)
2. Best Oral Presentation
Group 3
Bronze Award (Lower Sec category
Group 2
- participation
NUS Geography Challenge 2010 2nd in Geo-Trail
5th Overall
ACJC Geography Quiz 2010 4th
St Magaret's Sec School Humanities Day 2010 4th
ACJC Orator's Trophy 2nd
Art & Craft 3rd
Odyssey of The Mind National Competition 2008
- Division 2
Spontaneous Problem
- Champion
Classics of The Wonderful Muses
Tee Structure
- 4th
School Video Awards 2006 Silver
Chemical Powered Car Competition 2008 Best Design Award
- 4th